Holly Jolley

A substantial part of my practice as a designer and illustrator resides on my paintings.

These pieces, created in my home studio, mainly using gouache, explore personal themes, often fuelled by vivid dreams, and domestic
life. Picturing cups of tea, my current reads, the company of my cat Hamlet and my own takes on concepts like femininity, tenderness and comfort.

These pieces have been the starting point for several collaborations with clients, many of them have been purchased and reside on walls all over the world, bringing joy to new owners and their homes.

*Paintings available for purchase 

Possible Remedies


Most ideal weekend plans

Bonjour Tristesse 


Hamlet reading a zine

Secret Garden 

Tea plant

Caterpillar eyebrows

Night sky teatime 

Fig tree

Cisne canal

Offerings to the moka pot god


Romita drinks some tea


War memorial gardens

Shakespeare and company



In between Blankets